OBD2 Diagnostic Tools & Scanners

OBD2 is a diagnostic connector that exist on all vehicles equipped with a self-diagnosis system. Previously a specific type of device was used to diagnose each specific car brand (specially developed by the manufacturer). The maintenance of these devices could only be carried out by authorized service stations. In addition the cost of diagnostic devices was quite high.

The OBD2 diagnostic standard arose to resolve a car maintenance stuff. This standard forced manufacturers of all brands of cars to equip their electronic systems with standard diagnostic functions. With its appearance, it became possible to use one OBD2 scanner device for all without exception car brands as well as OBD2 connect various devices to increase mileage, such as a speedometer twist.

ABS diagnostic tool

The ABS system is an extremely important component of the vehicle's braking system and helps in emergency situations. OBD2 scanner can easily read ABS errors and provide information for maintenance.

Car diagnostic software

A various of application exists both for Android and iOS devices to communicate with OBD2 scanner.

Bluetooth / WiFi

Wifi OBD2 scanners are compatible with Android, iOS, and even Windows. The Bluetooth has a limitation on the iOS devices.

OBD2 car compatibility

  • AUDI A2/A3/A4/A6
  • SEAT Cordoba/Ibiza/Toledo/Toledo
  • SKODA Octavia
  • SKODA Octavia II
  • SKODA Scout
  • SKODA Roomstar
  • SKODA Fabia
  • SKODA SuperB (up to 2008)
  • PORSCHE Cayenne (patrol,old model)
  • VW Golf IV / Bora (from 2000 onwards)
  • VW Polo (from 2000 onwards)
  • VW Caddy (from 2000 onwards)
  • VW Eos / Tiguan
  • VW Passat 3BG (up 2004 - except 2.5 V6)
  • VW T4 (from 2000 onwards)
  • VW Beetle

OBD2 diagnostic scanner reviews

The amazing thing about the OBD2 scanner is the range of vehicles that it works with. I have used it on a '97 Chevy, a '97 Ford and an '07 Chevy and it showed codes and sensor readings. I was able to diagnose and fix a couple problems on the old Chevy and the old Ford and saved a ton of money over having to go to a dealer or a shop.

Review by Michael

OBD2 scanner usually comes with a CD software, you can use it on more than one computer. It works with european car models, if india model is international standard, then it can be used also. This software can not update.

Review by Randy

Great tool! So easy to use. It saved me a lot of money. When check engine lite come on I can find out what's the problem, and after fix, I can turn the light off my self. I think everyone's garage should have one.

Review by Maurice